Indian Players has given a good start at the Asian Games 2018, Deepak Kumar bags a silver in 10m rifle shooting, while wrestler Bajrang Punia won gold in wrestling. Overall the performance of the Indian squad in this Asian Games is not bad and Indian audiences are expecting that these games will turn out to…
Indian TV shows had some great content earlier, not so much now, but they never offered a lot in the thriller genre. And audiences love thrillers - the cliffhangers, puzzles, and the mysteries add excitement to the life. While there are many shows delivering thrill, we have listed the 5 best ones.
WWE has always had a special place for tall men who look intimidating and fearsome. From towering figures to earth-shattering behemoths, they have brought to the forefront what we usually find in comics. Their superhuman attributes have helped them create a niche. Here are 5 such wrestlers.
As if there weren't enough reasons to love Ranveer Singh, he's given us another. He showed his gentlemanly side to his female fans, recently. He went to a store in Mumbai where fans surrounded him for pictures. He agreed and gave special attention to the girls who couldn't push through the crowd.
WWE wrestlers have always had a finishing move which would win the match for them. For a wrestler to stand out, having a cool and effective finishing move that would catch the eye of the audiences is very important. While some moves have gained iconic status, there are some which are just bad.
Karunanidhi has left a legacy, and matching his charisma won't be easy for any of his children. But, toward the second half of his career, he was accused of nepotism. He had always said DMK was his family, but critics accused him of making his family DMK. That said, why is his family so powerful?
Manchester United will be hoping to move on from their pre-season tour issues and the lack of dynamism in the transfer market ahead of the 2018-19 Premier League season. Jose Mourinho's side will take on Leicester City in their opening encounter later this week. Here we analyze the ManU squad.
Amazon has pushed new updates for Alexa and Alexa-supported devices like Amazon Echo to particularly cater to Indian children. The updates, which are resultant of Amazon's tie-ups with Indian content providers, offer several avenues for children to learn new skills and gain new knowledge.